Revised 1 SK CoverThe New Year has started off with my goal to produce more that one book this year.  I have several novels which are not that far from being completed.  And since I am really not that knowledgeable about the best way to market my novels, I have decided to switch gears and go the traditional route of submitting my manuscripts to an agent.  I hope and pray I find one who likes my stories.  I have so many outlines in the Jonas Black series I need to focus on rather than spending two to three hours a day on promoting instead of writing.  So now you know.  All three of our books have received four or five-star reviews.  And any of  my relatives who have read our books have been tougher on the stories than any stranger might be.  We have never wanted anything but an honest review of our work.  Flattery is of no help to a writer.  Sure we want people to like our stories, but not all people will.

SINGLE COVER, A C OF M In fact, I know a lady who works at Wal-Mart and is reading all three books.  I told her I wanted an honest opinion and she gave me one which I highly value. She liked the book, A CIRCLE OF MURDERS, but as she stated, “She knows those things happen in real life, but would not like a steady diet of that type of story.”  You have to indulge in a variety books from historical, love and romance and other styles as well.  I write about a slice of life.  Bad things happen to wonderful people.  And no, not everyone likes to read about murder and mayhem.  It happens to be what I like to write with the paranormal thrown in.  I love the mystery of the who, what, when, where and the WHY of the story, and solving the crime.  My story line does not always follow my plans.  When the characters take over, I let go of my control and let them tell the story the way they want it to unfold.  A lot of times, I’m surprised by the road they take, but it is wonderful when it happens.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLENEW SNATCHER CVRI also love ghosts stories.  THE HANGMAN continues the paranormal thread in the series.  Not as much as THE STONE KILLER, but enough so you know it’s present in the story.  Now in THE SNATCHER, the ghost of Marilyn is back and has to pay the piper, as the saying goes.  I want to complete those two books in 2016 and maybe a paranormal romantic suspense which is in the works.

So there you have it.  I have so many stories to tell that in order for me to finish them, I have to focus on writing instead of marketing.  So wish me luck as I do to you in all your endeavors.

Everyone have a fantastic week, keep writing.  Remember NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.  Stay safe everyone.


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