You know, sometimes words just do not come to mind.  I have spent this entire day trying to even get to the blog only to hear on the news that we have had no internet for most of the day.  Ain’t that crap?  I could have spent the day in a much more positive way like reading more on THE HANGMAN.

Woke up this morning to very cold weather.  I think it was around 27.  I know it has been colder, but this morning, it just felt very cold.  And now just to make bad things worse, my little heater in the bathroom has gone out.  I’m going to get really crusty if I don’t get a new one real soon.  I DO NOT SHOWER IN THE COLD.  Yes.  we have heat in the house.  We even have indoor plumbing.  But I want my bathroom to be extra warm.  So, it’s off to Wal-Mart tomorrow.

Well I hope you all got more done over the holidays than I did.  I’m always depressed this time of year.  I miss my three sisters so much.  I am just useless for a couple of months.  But now it’s over and I shall get back to work on editing THE HANGMAN.

I do hope everyone has a wonderful 2016, and that you accomplish your goals for the new year.  You all take it easy and be good to yourselves.  We’ll talk later.


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