NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI was busy working on The Hangman today when I suddenly couldn’t remember if I had explained or resolved a detail I had mentioned earlier in the story.  Normally I keep close tabs on any issue which will need resolved.  I had to go back to that section and review from that point to be sure I was finished with that portion of the story.  I hadn’t.  I have to fix that.  The story is coming along except for minor issues I have to work out.  Make sure you don’t make the mistake I made today.  Keep track.

P6230083crop[1]I also worked on my oil painting of a dragonfly.  This is a photo of what I’m painting.  It is almost finished.  All I have to do is add the wings and it is done.  I really like this painting.  This one I am painting for my wall.  Also the lion’s head is mine.  There are certain photos I have that I do for myself.  Of course if I was offered enough money for one of my oil paintings, I might seriously consider selling it.  Maybe, maybe not.  I actually hate to let a painting go, especially one I did for myself.  The dragonfly is not for sale.

P1010737Well, it is late here in Colorado Springs, and I have had a busy day.  Tomorrow I need to meet my 1000 word goal again.  So it is time for me and the fur babies to go to bed.  Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  We have about three inches of snow and it’s not going to get out of the twenties tomorrow.  The sun will shine and hopefully clear the roads.  Again, stay safe.



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