images[3]Last week I posted on Facebook that the Christmas mouse met its demise via Pyewacket.  I found its little body between Pyewacket’s paws and had to force him release it so I could dispose of its body.  My sister says where there is one mouse, I probably have another.  If I do, the cats are on guard and waiting for them.

We are on an up swing to warmer weather.  Our high today is supposed to hit 42.  That’s what I love about living here.  We have snow for a day or two, then bright sunshine and warmer AND DRYER, weather.  Snow doesn’t stand a chance once the sun comes out.  But this time it snowed, I still have several spots in the backyard that had snow and ice chunks from the prior snow.  We got about three inches this last time and it is melting away except for the ice patch on the driver’s side of my car.  I even put stuff on it to melt it.  Time for some more.  I don’t plan on going out today as it laundry day.  I need to strip my bed and catch up on everything that needs done in between writing.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI had to review The Hangman to make sure I had my list of actions that need to be resolved or any questions that have to be answered.  So far, I haven’t missed anything.  I did go off on a wild tangent which I had to delete and correct.  I’m back on track and writing away.

STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWIf you haven’t read The Stone Killer, you might want to give it a read before The Hangman comes out as it is the second book in the series.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.




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