Well Good Morning all.  It has been a while since I’ve written a blog or anything else.  For weeks now, I have been in a blue funk.  I don’t know what the problem is, but I just stay so tired.  It has to be all in my mind.  Enough about my pi–ing and moaning.  I have things to do and I must do them.

First off, it is only about 10deg. here in NKY.  I did not sign up for this kind of crap when I moved up here from  FL.   It has snowed almost every day of the weekend.  Not much, about 2-3 inches total.   Enough that when Chloe comes in from outside, I have to brush snowballs from her belly and legs.  But when it freezes, It becomes just ice.  Oh well.  Spring will be here in a few months and then I can gripe about the rain and how I can’t get my garden in the ground.

I could plant potatoes in the dust on my furniture.  I could dust twice each day and It would still be dusty.  And the one job in housekeeping I hate and despise is dusting.

I have finished reading all of THE HANGMAN Sister has done.  I just wait for her to add more and send it to me. It is a really good read.

The day is passing and I am still sitting, so I must get busy.  If anyone know how I can boost my metabolism, let me know.  I sure need it.  You all take it easy, but don’t forget to work on your craft.  It won’t just appear out of thin air, unless you’re into the paranormal and can do automatic writing.

Talk with you later, 1/2 DREAMAHP1010497

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