imagesBDJX3DZCSister’s HP laptop is finally being sent back to the factory to be repaired.  It has been a piece of crap since she bought the thing.  I personally don’t like laptops.  I prefer my desktop, which is also a HP and has had its share of problems since I purchased it in Jan 2015.  Than God for the Geek Squad.  These companies have their products made in China as do toooooooo many US companies these days.  Our manufacturing industries have vanished. It is a shame our government let that happen.  At least the USA took pride in producing quality merchandise.  Not so with some foreign industries.  It’s crank it out, ship it out and to hell with the fact the product could be harmful to humans or animals.  That was proven with the dog food, medications and lumber US companies had made overseas. If I could avoid buying anything made out of country, I would.  But finding products only made in the USA is difficult.

I think I’m a bit cranky today.  I didn’t sleep well last night because I couldn’t shut my mind off.  I tossed and turned until around three a.m.  Then the pups decided they had to go out.  Finally I curled up in the recliner around three-thirty or four and did sleep until seven-thirty.  That’s when the cats decided they were hungry and wanted fed.  I gave up on going back to sleep then, got up and fed them all.  Oh, my coffee tasted good, but I’m dragging today.

10382819_1513301252254388_7204409982383081289_nNEW HANGMAN SINGLEI have started Sister’s winter scene.  She wants pine trees in it.  Okay, I can do that.  I might also put a mountain in the distance as well.  Since this is a large painting, it will take time for parts of it to dry.  I’ll be working on my lion as well as two seascapes which are in line to be finished.


NEW SNATCHER CVRIn between, I will be  working on The Hangman and adding details to the story line of The Snatcher.  When I start the third book in the series, I want all the details worked out.  But then, you know the old saying, the best laid plans . . . . . .

Sister is reading a book she purchased and is having trouble.  She tells me I have ruined her enjoyment of just sitting and reading a story written by another author.  She finds herself wanting to edit whatever she is reading.  This author seems to like long sentences which make you want to take a deep breath about half way through.  Sister says the story and writing are excellent and that is the only thing she has found to annoy her.   I wish I was that lucky when she does my editing.

I was reading a poem this morning and the author used the wrong word.  The English language is not easy and what they are teaching in school these days leaves a lot to be desired.  There is a difference between TOO and TO, as well as THERE and THEIR, and THEY’RE and many others.  These words can drive a writer crazy, but it will serve you well to learn the difference.  I have a little book on my desk, as well as many others on correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  My little book is entitled THE WRONG WORD DICTIONARY.  It has 2,000 most commonly confused words and is a valued resource for any writer.  It does not have too or to in it, which surprises me.  CHOOSE THE CORRECT WORD.

Since we’re supposed to get snow starting Sunday, then Monday and Tuesday, I’d better go to the store or the critters  won’t have food.  My hungry fur babies would not like that at all.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.


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