P1010737It is hard to believe that Saturday the outside temp was up to 65 here in Colo Spgs,  At 10:30 that night, when i took the pups out, it was spitting snow.  Well, it kept right on snow that night dumping almost 4 inches on us.  Sunday the weather had a good old-time adding almost 6 inches to what we already had.  Monday, Mother Nature decided since she had given us so many warm beautiful days and we have such dry high fire conditions, she would fix it.  Here were I live, we got 12 inches of snow or more on top of what we already have.  In my backyard, the snow is taller than the pups.  I’ve shoveled a path to the shed and created a large round circle so the boys can do their business.  Believe me, they hurry out and come right back in and snuggle down under an afghan.  Today, the wind is dancing the chimes around on the back porch playing a merry tune..

Normally, the sun would come out, melt everything and it would be gone by noon.  i don’t think that is going to happen today, or tomorrow.   I have almost 2 feet in my front and backyard.  Oh well, we’re snug here at home.  So all I can say is COME ON SUNSHINE, and it’s trying to shine..

NEW HANGMAN SINGLE880During all this weather, I’ve been working on The Hangman, following the investigation and trying to make sure I’m resolving any issues I’ve noted in the story.  Also worked on my lion’s head painting last night.  I have the winter scene to finish before I start on the two seascapes.  I sketched my Great White Egret on a large canvas.  I have numerous photos I want to paint.  I hope to complete enough painting to maybe have a show somewhere this spring or summer.

Well, back to work as I won’t be leaving the house until the streets are clear.  i don’t drive on icy and snowy roads.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.


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