Hey everyone: I know it has been a while since I blogged. And now I’m not having an easy time of it. As soon as I brought out the computer, Chloe had to lay on my lap.  It’s hard to type with the laptop balanced on the arm of the chair.  And that is the best part about this scrap metal   HP calls a computer.  The Geek Squad had it for 3 days.  They called and told me it now works perfectly.  Ha!  It seems the touch pad is defective and they recommended I have them ship it to Louisville for repair.  They said I should buy a mouse and mouse pad and not use the touch pad.  So that’s what I did.   I now own a $900.00 computer,ENVY TOUCH SCREEN, but I can’t touch the mouse area.  Now for the really good part.  Hubs and I spent a few days in Louisville with our daughter.  I think I told you she lives in a great big old house.  She is convinced she has a ghost.  While there I heard some noises and saw some shadows I could not explain.  So she is afraid to stay there by herself. Her husband was in Indianapolis on business.  On Tuesday, I came down with a cold”.  I have had tickets for TRAVIS WAHL’S, “SHAPING SOUND”, for almost a year.  and then on Saturday we were going to the LOBSTER FEAST at the Marriott Hotel.  All the lobster you can eat at not cost to us.  I was so excited.  Don’t you know I was too sick to go to either one of the events.    Well the cursor is jumping all over the place so I am finishing this up before I throw this so called computer out the door.  You all take it easy and stay well and busy.





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