images.jpeg 4With the start of this week, we have had fantastic weather.  Pueblo, a city south of the Springs, had 76 degrees today per the weatherman.  I know it was in the 60s where I live.  The snow is melting, the sun is bright, the Broncos won the Super Bowl and all is right in the world here in Colorado.

Sister has a terrible sinus problem  and is not feeling all that great.  If she was here, I’d see what I could do to help her.  But she is in KY, I’m sorry to say.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRMy story line crisis for The Hangman has passed.  I had to go back and change a few things, but the characters are talking and again helping tell the story.  That is always great when it happens.  I don’t know if this one character who has appeared is a real person or maybe another ghost other than Marilyn.  I guess he’ll let me know.  Anyway, the plot is moving right along and now I am pointed in the correct direction.  So now it is push on to the finish and edits.  Editing is not my favorite part of writing, but it has to be done and done correctly.

Remember, write, write and keep writing.  Then edit, edit and edit some more.  Then do the edits all over again.

Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend.  Stay safe.


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