politician-cartoon[1]On the mornings I have scheduled to write a blog, I sit and look at the blank area on the computer screen and wonder what do I write today.  I have to tell you, I do not lead an exciting life. I am not a political person as I believe that if a politicians opens his/her mouth, beware and prepare to be lied to.  If it’s a politician, don’t trust him/her.  I do have a problem with what I call the herd/mob mentality, those people who follow blindly whatever their political party tells them to believe.  I have a few friends/relatives who fit this category.  I don’t believe in the party system at all and feel it needs to be done away with.  A politicians record, all of it, the good and bad, should be exposed and be what the people choose from to select a President.  I AM A RADICAL.  I AM FOR THE PEOPLE ONLY, not some jerk who spouts words  he/she believes people want to hear because it will put him/her in a position to fill his pockets.  Enough, as I told you, I am a radical.  What do you expect from a Scorpio.

cartoon-vector-of-a-sweating-hard-working-business-woman-running-on-a-treadmillsweating-hard-working-business-woman-running-on-a-treadmi[1]Anyway, my mornings start anywhere between seven and eight.  First thing,, I take the pups as they usually sleep through the night and have to go.  Last night I woke up around four a.m. and Titan had to go, so of course JoJo had to go as well.  One will not go without the other.  It’s chilly at that hour of the morning.  We came back inside and went back to bed.  I am so thankful that for the last few nights I have been sleeping so well I am amazed.  Normally, I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.  Thank you God.  I feed everyone, then turn on the computer to answer e-mail, check the blog, and all the other sites.  Around nine, I make my morning phone calls.  By ten, I’m busy writing on whatever novel is on the schedule.  I write until my eyes are tired, break for food, give my eyes a rest, then back at it.  So most of the hours in my day, I am busy working on my novels, working on a painting, cleaning house, doing laundry, or something.  Believe it or not, I do go have lunch with a couple of friends a couple a times or more a month.  That folks is my exciting life.  I AM A WORKAHOLIC.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLESTONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWWell being a workaholic, I need to get back to work on The Hangman.  Don’t forget to buy and read The Stone Killer, the first in the series with Jonas Black and Morgan Jansen.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.




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