Good morning:  Well, my Valentine dinner turned out to be leftovers and wings.  We had planned on going out for dinner, the snow came in earlier than predicted.  We didn’t want to take a chance on slick roads so we just stayed home.  We wound up with four inches.

I still can’t use my HP computer.  My next move is to contact HP directly and see if they will help.  Personally I think I should get a new one from them, but that will never happen.   I have never been so frustrated over anything.  It will be two years in July that I bought the thing, and it has never worked properly.

Sister is hard at work on THE HANGMAN.  She is cranking out almost 2,000 words every day.  I would love to start P1010737the editing, but sometimes she has to go back and add something, so it would be fruitless for me to edit right now. But I am very anxious to start on it.

There is nothing much going on here in Northern KY.(is that capitalized?)  The entire world is covered in white with a few colorful front doors here and there.  We have a red shed in our back yard that stands out.  It actually looks like a beautiful painting outside.

I hope things are going well for all of you.  I know that winter can get you down and you don’t want to write or do much of anything else.  Unless you ski of course.  But spring will be here soon and it will be planting time.  I can’t wait to stick a tomato plant in the ground.  So you all take it easy and work as much as you can.  When you can’t work at your computer, it helps to sit quietly and visualize the scenes you are striving for in your book.  Sometimes you come up with things you never would have thought of otherwise.  I’ll be back later.  1/2 DREAMAH




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