thYUUO4D2NMy sweet sister is not at her best today.  All the cold weather in KY has her in a lot of pain, so she is curled up her chair taking it easy and hoping how soon her pain pills work.  Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.  Because I have injured my neck, both shoulders, arms and hands (too much computer time)  I occasionally have a lot of pain.  I take with my vitamins, a pain pill (Advil) ever morning and one after dinner.  Otherwise, forget me writing a lot doing the day.

imagesBDJX3DZCI don’t have patience with not being able to do what I want to do.  God did NOT bestow me with a lot of patience for anything that doesn’t work, especially computers, software or broken promises.  I supposed that is one of the reasons I am the way I am.  If I tell you I will do something, I will do it.  If it doesn’t happen, then I will have a damn good reason for not keeping my word at the time, but will keep it at some later date.  So please people, don’t say you will do something and then not do it, especially to a child.  Broken promises hurt children.  If you hurt a child, you are not worth the effort it would take to send you to hell.  YOU NEVER HURT A CHILD OR AN ANIMAL!!  If you do, I’ll kill you off in one of my NOVELS and not in a nice way.  So there, I told you I’m a radical.

11-F3861162-675487-960IMAG0506Well my fur babies are wanting me in our chair so they can curl up on my lap.  I didn’t sleep well last night, so they didn’t.  There are times I can’t shut off my brain and so I toss and turn.  Last night was one of those nights.  I was awake from 3:17 until 6:00 then up at 7.40.  I tried to catch a nap, but it eluded me.  I don’t feel as much like a zombie now, but did for most of the day.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRNEW SNATCHER CVRI killed off another person in The Hangman.  I had to, he deserved it.  My goal is set for the end of march as a completion date.  Then Sister gets the manuscript with a red pen.  Target day for uploading is, I’m praying, no later than May 15.  Then it’s on to The Snatcher.

Well everyone have a great weekend and stay safe


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