When I sit down to write a blog, I seldom have any idea of what I want to tell you all.  So, I think STUFF will be my title from now on.

We had a glorious weekend.  Saturday was warm and sunny.  I think the temp got up to around 70deg.  Then yesterday (after the rain) it was almost as beautiful as Sat.  Now the temp is 36 with a high of 54.  Spring is on its way.  I saw a robin in my peach tree yesterday, and  I was thrilled.  I am so ready to get started on my garden.

So  you all don’t get the idea that I am a hypochondriac, I will explain why there are days I have a lot of pain.  First off, I have Fibromyalgia as I’m sure a lot of you do.  I, also, have Asthma.  Depending on the weather, I have bad days and good days.  Mostly good.

Well Chloe just jumped up in my chair, actually on top of the laptop.  Makes it difficult to type, but she is happy.  And that is the important thing.

I think today is the day I contact the president of HP.  I am so tired of having a computer I can’t use.  The Geek Squad has done all they can to fix it.  They told me to buy a mouse and mouse pad and to not use the touch pad.  Well Heck,  I kind of thought that was  a crappy idea.  Now I think it is time to pitch a walleyed fit on somebody.  Ms Carol Larson has been selected.

You all have a super Monday.  I wish for nothing but goodness in your lives.  And success in your writing career.   Take it easy and I’ll be back.  Hopefully, the next time, I’ll have something to talk about.NEW HANGMAN SINGLE1/2 DREAMAH.  I don’t know how to make the picture smaller

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