Oh my goodness, what a day we had yesterday.  It felt like a warm blanket when we went outside.  Now today, we have cold, rain and snow in the forecast for tonight.  But I did see a robin the other day, and that is promising.  Spring is almost here.

Well, Sister has a new toy.  She has the Dragon program on her computer and she finally learned how to use it.  She just dictates the book and Dragon types it.  I have it on my new PC, but I don’t have a technical brain, so I will probably never use it.  But I sure would like to.  I could use it for the blogs and e-mails.  And for the corrections on THE HANGMAN.

Chloe has climbed on my lap and I am having a terrible time.  It is so hard to type now.  Oh yea, she just jumped down.  This makes me wonder how you mothers with small children ever get any writing done.  It must be so hard.

I know this blog is very short and I’m not saying squat, but my brain is nothing like Sister’s .Actually, I think mine is made of cotton.  Once I start editing THE HANGMAN, they will sound better.  But in the meantime, please be patient.  I won’t always sound so senseless.

You all take care of yourselves and I’ll see you later.  1/2/DREAMAH


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