Good Morning everyone.  Hope your weekend was as nice as mine.  On Saturday, we went to the NKY Convention Center to watch the SHEER TALENT DANCE COMPETITION. A few of the dancers are kids we have known for years.  And they were great.  I had forgotten how much I miss the dance studio atmosphere.

I have seen everything now.  When I came home Saturday, I was making a cup of coffee when I looked down at my daughter’s legs.  I don’t know why.  I guess it was better than staring out the kitchen window at the sun.  Anyway, her ankles were almost black.  Since she is a grown woman, I did not want to accuse her of not washing when she showers.  Her explanation:  She saw on the internet that you can make a self-tanning  cream with coconut oil and powdered chocolate.  Well apparently, she put too much cocoa in it.  So Please, tell everyone you know, THIS DOES NOT WORK.  She wound up with dark blotches all over her legs.  I laughed until my stomach ached.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  I got all energized and cleaned my house.  Even swept and mopped the floors.  Today I plan on cleaning the kitchen appliances.  Stainless steel looks so nice when it is clean.  But get one fingerprint on it, and it looks awful.

Well it is getting late and I have a lot to do today.  You all take it easy and be good to yourselves.  It’s never too late to edit your mss one more time.  1/2/DREAMAH




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