Oh my goodness.  This is the most depressing day of the year.  It is foggy, raining, 37deg.  and not a sign that the sun will ever shine again.  for all of my life I have  been a blustery day person.  I love those gray windy days.  I get so tired of sunshine.  Well, I think this winter has ended all of that. I would love a nice sun- shiny day.

I just do not believe I did this.  The first paragraph was written on Saturday.  I can’t even remember what happened that this blog was not finished.  Well, I shall finish it now.

It looks like today is going to be one of those Zippidy-Do0-Dah days.  The sun is out and the temp is 51deg.  Sounds like Spring to me.  I am more than ready.  I just itch to plant something.

I see that Nancy Reagan has died.  She was a classy lady and brought class to the White House.  And now, we are in the middle of another election.  By November we will all be nuts.  Speaking of nuts, if you put all of their brains in a peanut shell, they would still rattle.

Hubs and I are going down to the cabin for a few days.  We are thinking of down-sizing and moving to one of the small towns down there.

I think I should get some breakfast as my tummy is rumbling and as my mama would say “I’m getting the weak trembles.”  So you all take care and be good to yourselves.  Spend some time on your writing if you can.  We’ll talk later.  1/2/DREAMAH

I apologize for this blog.  I read it over and it is just drivel.

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