Good morning all.  Sure hope you all are doing well.  I’m as happy as pigs in slop this morning.  We are here at the little cabin in Lake Cumberland Resort.  And I mean little.  800sq.   I love this place though my daughter did have a small problem last summer.  She hadn’t been here for a couple of weeks and when she walked in, there was a small snake lying on the sofa.  Her husband put on oven mitts and managed to throw him outside.

We went into town yesterday.  According to the odometer, it is 15 miles from the parking lot at Kroger to the cabin.  That’s a long way to go just for a loaf of bread.  But we had lunch at the Cracker Barrel, the closest thing to fine dining in this small town, and all was good.

I don’t know if Sister has told you, but she is doing volunteer work for the Colorado Springs PD.  And she loves it.  I’m so happy for her.  She is doing something she loves other than writing.  Plus she is learning a lot so that helps with her writing.  And speaking of, I just finished a book that I downloaded from Amazon for $.99.   For that price, it was a good read.  Glad I didn’t pay more for it.

Well, we are going home on Sunday.  If the weather holds up I can start planning the garden.  But I figure we will have at least one more really cold spell before we can think about planting.  So I’m going to say goodnight and dream about huge tomatoes and peppers.  You all have a good night and I’ll talk to you on Monday.  1/2/DREAMAH

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