P1010737Well here in Colorado Springs, we got up to Winters’s return. Actually it sneaked in somewhere after midnight last night. When the pups had to go out around 2:30 this morning, we had about an inch of snow on the ground. And again at 4 AM when they decided they had to go again, it was close to 2 inches. And now the weatherman says it is supposed to snow all day and snow harder this afternoon. The pups are not thrilled having to go out in the snow, even with their coats on. Well that’s how it goes Colorado. Snow one day, gone the next, and the following day up in the 50s.

My nephew and I were working on the back fence Wednesday.  I somehow managed to get my face  in the way of sawdust blowing in the wind. Got a small piece in my left eye.  Llet me tell you it hurt like the devil. I managed to get it out but in the process irritated my eyeball and eyelid. By evening it was much better. The eyelid was swollen and the eyeball was irritated but I could see and that was the most important thing. Difficult to do an oil painting if you can’t see. It is also difficult to look at a computer screen when your eye keeps watering. But my nephew and I got the back fence repaired and soon my fur babies will be able to go out and play in the yard. They’re not too happy about the idea with the snow on the ground.



I have finally finished most of my police procedure research and now to add that information to The Hangman. Now that I have everything worked out in my brain, I can get it all down on the computer and hopefully finish this book soon. Here it is the 18th of March and I am behind schedule. Sister has been bugging me to get it finished so she can start the editing process. That has to be done over and over, and repeat the process several times more.  We do try to avoid mistakes, but they manage to sneak into the type.





Sister is also anxious to get started planting her garden. As soon as the year heads towards spring, she gets the planting bug. Can’t say that I blame her as I was out in the yard yesterday cleaning up weeds, and deciding where I can put pots of flowers around the back porch. It will be so great to be able to let the doggies out and let them run free in the yard without having to go out on the leash. They’re not going to know what to think or how to act. I have to get some tennis balls that they can chase. I know I have a couple here in the house, but the cats claim them.

Everyone have a great weekend, and stay safe. I will talk with you later.


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