images7JPAILFWWell it was a beautiful Monday. The temperatures hit almost 70 or plus degrees, and for tomorrow would you believe we are going to be around 74°. This is not quite the end of March and the lilac bushes in my backyard are budding and sprouting some leaves. I know that this is the time of year in the East that the forsythia bushes bloom their bright yellow flowers, but I’m not even sure if we have forsythia bushes here in Colorado. If we do, I plan on buying one and planting it my backyard.  I think they are so beautiful. Yellow is my favorite color, so bright and cheerful.

P1010737But for right now the idea of planting anything is a no-no due to the fact that Wednesday, we are supposed to have some snow. Then it will warm up for a couple of days and Saturday and Sunday we have another chance of snow. As crazy as this Colorado weather has been lately, I am still so thankful to be here. I spent too many years living in a place I did not want to live, and longing every day to be back at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  I ain’t moving!

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEWell I am on the downhill road in completing The Hangman. I have reached that point that it’s a matter of tying up loose ends, adding a little more of the paranormal, and deciding if this one character is going to be dead or alive.  You know how it goes. All those iffy questions which  you’re not sure what’s the characters next move might be. Sometimes they talk to me and sometimes they don’t. I do know that if they don’t like what I’ve written, it doesn’t work out and I have to rewrite it. But that’s all part of creating people who become almost real to you.



CREATING KATHRYN CROWNSINGLE COVER, A C OF MDon’t forget to check out all our novels on amazon.com, Creating Kathryn Crown, A Circle of Murders.

And the first book in the Jonas Black series, The Stone Killer.


Everyone have a great week and stay safe.


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