10382819_1513301252254388_7204409982383081289_nI’m beginning to think mother nature is pissed off at us. Yesterday, for most of the day, I had the doors open because it was so warm and sunny. The pups were enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and stretched out in the sunbeams coming through the doors and windows. This morning at 6 AM when I got out of bed to take them outside, they put on the brakes. I was rather surprised to find it raining and snowing at the same time when I went out. It was a quick trip for all three of us. I had to dry them off and me as well. The wind is blowing so hard here today that what snow we are getting is being blown in other directions and right now it doesn’t know whether to rain or snow, as both are coming down outside. I have to admit our weatherman usually consistently predicts the weather conditions. We’re supposed to have a warm-up Thursday and Friday and more snow on Saturday and possibly Sunday. And then some more warm weather. Crazy spring weather.  We have had snow in June and, I remember one Fourth of July when we had snow.  But as long as I’m living in Colorado, I am one happy person.

262c8c604614cdc6720ccc3f2e5a9f6c[1]Yesterday I worked on two new paintings, laying in the background, making sure I had the right angles precisely on the canvas where I wanted them. These two new paintings are of Lady bugs. I don’t know why I like painting insects so much but I do. I guess what attracts me to these types of scenes is the lighting. I love paintings with unusual light where it focuses on the subject. I have a photograph of some of the great Teton Mountains, where the sun is just hitting the tops of the peaks, that I plan on painting. Any type of unusual photograph of the way the light hits the clouds or any thing of that nature is fascinating for me, especially to do a painting of it.  It’s the challenge of being able to paint the scene that I like.  The harder the painting to do, the more I learn about painting, and color.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLESo today I need to focus on writing on the novel, The Hangman, and get all my loose and tied up and decide who my killer is. Don’t forget to check out our other novels and give them a read.

So everyone have a fantastic day, stay safe, and warm if you live where it is snowing. Enjoy the up coming weekend and have fun.


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