Pinky and the Brain Photo[1]1Well I have to be thankful for Dragon natural speaking. Last night no matter what I did, I could not fall asleep until almost 3:30 this morning. Cold weather is moving in and my arthritis decided it was going to keep me awake. Not even my pain pills worked. So today my poor pitiful brain is a bit mushy. So needless to say I will not get much done on The Hangman, until my brain is functioning clearly again.

10382819_1513301252254388_7204409982383081289_nI went out to pick up the mail, and already the cold weather is moving in. You can see the dark weather clouds moving across the mountains and coming south along I-25. I think the weather is coming in faster than we anticipated because it’s barely 12:30 here now. From what the weatherman says, this time where I live is supposed to get approximately 6 inches of snow. Could be more could be less. Anyway it is supposed to snow most of Saturday. That’s okay I went to the store yesterday, but forgot to buy coffee cream. In Colorado our winter usually starts in February, March and April. It has been known to snow all the way into June here. February was such a warm month here that we sorta expect March and April to be snowy.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEHopefully my brain will clear up enough this afternoon so that I can get some writing done on The Hangman. I don’t like it when I can’t mentally focus enough to do what needs to be written in the book. So needless to say a nap his order hopefully my brain will be clear when I wake up in about an hour.


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Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe. My recliner is calling me. So I will talk to you later.


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