Good morning all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, and if you are not Christian, I hope you had a wonderful day anyway. Speaking of being Christian, we DVR’D THE PASSION the other night and watched it last night.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t been anywhere lately, but I was enthralled.  The music was wonderful and to the point.  I don’t know who is responsible for the show, but I would rate them as a genius. I don’t even like Tricia Yearwood, but in THE PASSION, her voice was wonderful.

I now really and truly hate HEWLETT PACKARD.  I waited all day Friday for a call back to no avail.  Yes, they were open.  So now, I am going to put in a call to the president of the company.  Won’t do any good, but at least I will get some of my fury out of my system.  You know the irony of this whole debacle?  Last week we were in Louisville, KY.  Jeffersonville is the location of HP.  By accident, Hubs missed his turn and we crossed the Ohio River.  Wal-la!  Jeffersonville, IN.

Well I know it is a very short blog, but I’m not really thinking straight and I want to call HP before they get busy and (no one) can talk to me.  Is that one word?  I don’t know for sure.  Anyway, you all take it easy and pay attention to your craft.  I’ll talk to you later—DREAMAHimages2



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