Hey everyone:  Hope all is well with you.  Hope you are not getting rejection letters, but if you are, I hope they give you some constructive criticism.

Something has been bothering me lately.  I have noticed people on TV do no use the word ANOTHER.  Instead, they turn it into two words.  A NOTHER.  Well there is no such word.  “A NOTHER tree fell in the wind storm.”  Wrong people, wrong.  And I do not have to tell you the correct use of the word.  However, news anchors do not.

Well, here we go again.  My peach tree is in bloom and we are going to have freezing temps tonight.  I do not understand Mother Nature.  Although the sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside, the air is very cold.  That’s spring in Northern KY for you.  It could be worse.  It could be snowing.

I gotta go now, but you all have a wonderful day.  Write something every day even if it is only a paragraph.  Talk later.  DREAMAH


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