1199-17With each day, I DO feel a bit better.  Didn’t realize losing a lot of blood could make you feel so weak and tired.  It has.  But I had a couple of other problems beside the bleeding.  Of course, I’m the world worse person to get sick because I expect once the problem is cured to feel 100% back to normal.  You all know I’m as far from normal as you can get, thank God.  Creative folks are not normal.  That’s why I write murder novels.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI heard on the news this evening, that child molester Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House of our government, received a mealy sentence of 15 months in prison.  WHY! WHY!  After what he did, he should have been sentenced to life and put in general population.  He is the worse type of man.  What was wrong with the judge who handed down his sentence?  I hope when I finish THE HANGMAN, that old fart reads my book and sees what I believe should happen to pedophiles.  When you harm a defenseless child or a defenseless animal, you should be lock in a hole forever.  People like him is why I write murder stories.


P1010737Starting tonight, rain and then slush is on its way with chillier weather.  Since I don’t have to go anywhere until Monday, that’s fine with me.  My concern is for my roses who have started to sprout new growth.  I don’t believe it will get below freezing, so they should be okay.  I pray so.  The lavender rose-bush has a lot of new leaves.  I planted it for my sister.  She loves lavender roses.

Well back to dishing out more punishment in THE HANGMAN.   My brain is finally functioning more, so I’s better use it while I can.

imagesBDJX3DZCOh, by the way, all of sister’s computers are not working .  HP is such a crappy company for not standing behind their product.  As writers. we do not recommend HP products.

Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend.  Stay safe, folks.




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