thYUUO4D2NWell after rubbing myself down from my low back, butt, all the way to my ankle with Aspercreme with lidocaine and taking a pain pill I was able to fall asleep last night.  And I actually slept fairly well. Now my niece in Ohio is down with severe sciatic pain. My sympathy is with her as I know how she feels. Other than maybe having a baby, I don’t think there is a worse pain than sciatic.  It never stops hurting for a second and nothing you can do makes you comfortable.

imagesYW79DRE4Anyway I am happy to report the roses are growing like little weeds, all except the gold one which has not one little sprout on it. The white roses seem to be in a hurry to grow because they are the largest so far. The lavender roses are doing quite well and the deep red rose-bush has new sprouts. The climbing roses are doing well also. And as stated before the white rosebush climber is growing really nicely.

I have been busy helping my little sis pack up her house so she can move all of the rest of her stuff back to Ohio. It is amazing how much you can accumulate in the way of possessions in a lot of years. I know this from my own experience when I moved from Florida back to Colorado in 2013. I could not believe how much junk I had accumulated. I got rid of over half and still have a lot of boxes of Christmas stuff in the garage.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI haven’t been working that much on The Hangman, but once we finish I will get back to it. Sis read over what I have completed and says it reads really well which makes me happy. And she is also very astute to continuity in the story. Once The Hangman is finished, I am going to finish off a romantic suspense that I started some time ago. And then back to the Jonas Black books. I have several partially completed novels that need to be topped off. I’ll do a Jonas Black book and then one of the romantics suspense novels, then jump back to work on a Jonas Black book.  That should keep me busy.


STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWCREATING KATHRYN CROWNSINGLE COVER, A C OF MDon’t forget to give The Stone Killer, Creating Kathryn Crown and A Circle of Murders a read.

Everyone have a great day and week. Stay safe.


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