Good morning everyone.  Hope things are well with all of you.

GLORY, GLORY, GLORY,  we finally got some plants in the ground.  At least we will have some tomatoes and peppers in about three months.  We’re not doing a large garden this year,  mostly because it is so late.  I can always go to the farmers market for beans and corn, etc.  I’m just thrilled to finally have a tomato plant in the dirt.

I’ve started editing THE HANGMAN, and it reads really well.  I am anxious for us to get it finished and up on Amazon.  Then we can get on with the next book in the series, THE SNATCHER.

My sister in Ohio called this morning and wants us to come up next week.  Her son is visiting from CO., and is going to do a fish fry.  Well, I’m not going to miss that.  I will just have to get my flowers in pots sooner than I had planned.  I haven’t seen him in about two years so I must go to Mansfield next week.

My master just buzzed me, a/k/a the dryer, so I had better get to folding and hanging.  Laundry like dishes is a never ending job.  But so are floors and dusting and anything else pertaining to daily life.

I hope your writing is going well and you are keeping up with the editing.  Which is another never ending job.  You all take it easy and have a very blessed day.  We’ll talk later.    DREAMAH




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