images[2]Memorial Day weekend is here.  It is hard to believe that the month of May ends on Tuesday and we begin to head into summer. We had a great rain nearly all day yesterday. As I live a little south and just outside the main city limits of Colorado Springs, I did not receive all the hail they did. They really got blasted on North end of town. They showed the hail on TV and it looked like snow had fallen. Then it began to melt, and all the streets were flooded, the ones which had received the most hail. We are supposed to get some more rain today but it is going to be moving east and the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon.Right now the wind is playing a merry tune on my wind chimes.

imagesYW79DRE4I fed and watered my roses yesterday before it rained, so they should be quite happy. I’m still trying to figure out what is causing the leaves on my yellow rose bush to wilt. The one prize-winning medal yellow rose has not produced one sprout or even a glimmer of a leaf. It still has green stalks, so I guess I’ll just leave it alone and see what happens.


I will be so glad to see sunshine. thGXLQGOYVFor some reason the last couple of days, probably because of this blasted cold, I have been so down in the dumps. I don’t do being sick very well.  I’m a terrible patient.  So it’s time for me to stop  feeling sorry for myself and to either get on the stick and do what I have to do, or call it quits. Since my motto is NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER, I’d better get busy and do something, even if it’s wrong. I just wish I could stop coughing so much.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI did get some work done on The Hangman yesterday, in fact I wrote over 1000 words, which is good. I just don’t know where some of these characters are taking me in this book. I’ll just have to follow their lead and see what happened. I want to get The Hangman finished, but I want it to be a good story and everything be consistent in the storyline. I didn’t have this much trouble with The Stone Killer. It could be because I took a break from writing. I was really on a roll but then I had to stop for a while. This book will be up loaded as soon as I can get it completed and edited.

STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWSINGLE COVER, A C OF MIn the meantime give our other books a read. They are available on as e-books and as paperbacks.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.



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