Good morning all:  here in North East Ohio, the weather is beautiful.  Of, course, this afternoon the temp will be in the high 80’s and none of us will want to go outside.  But the mornings are cool and beautiful.

Already our sister is trying to pack the pounds on me and everyone else.   And goodness knows, I do not need any more pounds.  This morning for example, she fixed biscuits, fried apples, sausage and scrambled eggs. And before that, my nephew went out to Starbucks and brought back a Chocolate Latte.  He does this every morning for his wife.  How sweet is that?  Many more of those things and I will have to have a tow truck to pull me home.

Not much going on here.  I need to pay bills and then spend some time editing THE HANGMAN.  Sister and her son are going to plant her tomatoes.  That should give me some editing time.  Sister in CO. seems to be stuck on the writing part.  Of course, that happens, and she will come out of it soon and start pounding the keyboard once again.  The book is not that far from being finished.  So for this first day of June, I hope you all have a Blessed Day and get a lot of work done on your writing.  We’ll talk again later.



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