Good morning all:

My poor sister finally has air-conditioning.  Thank God and her land lady.  Every day she would call me and she sounded so miserable because of the heat.  Maybe now, she can get back to work on THE HANGMAN.  I know that when you are so miserable from the heat, you just can’t seem to think.  It truly affects your thought processes.

Oh my goodness.  I woke up around 4am to the sound of a horrible storm.  The lightening was atrocious and scary.  I am not a big fan of lightening in the first place.  I just could not go back to sleep so I feel like a zombie this morning.

On top of that, we got up to find all of the sofa cushions in the floor.  Usually, we let Freedom into the bedroom but last night she was sound asleep and we closed the bedroom door and left her on the sofa.  I guess she felt she had to rebel.

Would you believe I haven’t edited one word of THE HANGMAN.  I don’t know what the problem is.  I just can’t seem to get started.  But I will force myself to get on it this afternoon.  Hubs has a list of things he wants me to help him with this morning.

So, I will go and do his bidding.(I don’t do it often.) You all take it easy and try to get some of your work done.  Stay safe and if bad weather is coming your way, take cover.  We’ll talk later.  DREAMAH

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