Good morning:  Sure hope you all had a super weekend.  We had a showing Saturday morning on the house.  I’m sure you all know what a pain that can be.  Of course, the realtor wants you to put everything away that says real people live here.  Then you have to remove the dogs.  I understand that.  No one wants to enter a house with barking dogs.  We actually had an offer, but we can’t close by Aug. 15th.  Oh well, maybe the next person to look at it.

I was so surprised when I went to the garden yesterday.  We had five cucumbers ready to pick.  And they are good too.  We have some large tomatoes, but they are still green.  I am probably going to have to break off some of the larger leaves so the sun can get to the tomatoes.

So my life consists of keeping the house spotless, deciding what we want to take to Cumberland and hoping someone comes along that wants too buy the house and close sometime in September.

That is my life at the moment.  I certainly hope it improves soon.  I am so ready to move to the lake.  I need some peace and quiet in my life.

You all take care of yourselves.  Spend time each day on your writing project and we’ll talk later.


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