Good Morning all:

It has been awhile since I did a blog.  I don’t know why except as my husband says, “I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.”

This selling a house is not a lot of fun.  Just when you think you have some time, the realtor texts(they don’t use the phone anymore.) that they have scheduled a showing.  That means putting the dogs in the car and driving around for an hour or more. Plus the constant cleaning so it is fit to show.  Sure hope how soon this place sells so I can move into my cabin in the woods.

I am so proud.  My daughter and I made Bread and Butter pickles yesterday.  Honestly, they taste better than the store bought.  I am so happy they turned out so tasty.  I can’t wait to make some Dill Pickles.

Well, I finally finished the editing of THE HANGMAN.  Now waiting for Sister to write more of it.  Of course, she is so busy helping  her friend, she just does not have time.  But it is better to help her adopted sister than work on the book right now.  This lady is suffering greatly.  THE HANGMAN will get finished in time.

Hubs is out watering the garden as we are in need of rain.  It is funny to watch the radar.  There is rain all around us and even flooding in some areas, but we have not had a drop.

Well I must go.  I have a gazillion sheets of paper to fax to the loan officer for the cabin.  It’s crazy, I sent it all once, but they say they don’t have it.  So I will send it again.  You all take care of yourselves and try not to let regular life get in the way of working on your craft.  I wish I could add a picture of my pickles, but there seems to be something keeping me from dragging and dropping.  We’ll talk again soon.



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