Hey everyone:
Yeah, it’s been 13 days since the last blog. Seems like much more than that to me. We haven’t blogged because nothing is going on writing wise. Sister just can’t find the time to work on THE HANGMAN, and if she can’t write, I can’t edit. I have, however, started knitting again. And I am even reading a book by Catherine Coulter, NEMESIS is the title and naturally, Savich and Sherlock are busy saving the world. But I still enjoy reading about them.
Well, the garden is putting out tomatoes as fast as it can. The cucumbers are just about finished. I will miss them greatly.
We haven’t sold the house yet, but we are changing realtors. The first one just didn’t work out for us. Hopefully, the next one will jump in with both feet and get it done.
We’ve been going through things and trying to downsize, but it is so hard to get rid of stuff you have had for years. Stuff that means something to you. But, we are going from a 3/3 to a 2/2. And we’ll have to go from a 9 1/2 ft Christmas tree to, maybe, a 6ft. That sucks. I love tall trees.
Well, I suppose I should get up do something even if it’s wrong. Probably will be. I seem to be in a strange mood today. I know part of it is that I want to see my sister, but we just can’t get in a trip to Colorado right now. Hopefully, well not hopefully, by Hell I’m doing it after we move and all this real estate crap is taken care of. Poor thing she is not getting any younger (haha) and it has been over two years since I saw her.
You all take care of yourselves and get some work done. We’ll talk later


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