10382819_1513301252254388_7204409982383081289_nIt was only four degrees when I rolled out of bed this a.m.  to bright sunshine.  Not even the pups wanted to get out from under their warm blankets.  We got an additional inch or so snow last night on top of the five or six inches we already had.  The pups made a quick trip outside and ran back to the house to get warm.  Even with their coats on, they still get cold quickly.  They have short hair and seem unable to stand much frigid weather.  Me neither.  We are supposed to have a warm up starting tomorrow and by Monday be almost sixty degrees.  I’m not complaining.

Today my sister, on her mountain top in Kentucky, is having snow.  From what she has told me, they can get snow in and not be able to get off the mountain.  As for me, I don’t drive on snow unless it is absolutely necessary.

12-5FD1B8B8-548836-96011-4FFBF4EE-702370-960I’ve told you about my fur babies, Stanley, my Ragdoll cat, Pyewacket the black one, and Bandit the Siamese.  Plus I have two pups, Titan and JoJo.  Well I hate to say this but Pyewacket is way over weight so I have put him on a diet.  He wasn’t happy about it, but he is adjusting.  The only problem I have encounter is, he was a stray and even though I have taken good care of him with lots of vet visits, I’m afraid he is not doing as well as he should be.  I will have him checked out and pray he’ll be alright, but he definitely has a problem.  He is the sweetest cat I have ever encountered.  Not once has he ever tried to scratch or bite me.  From the first time he showed up at my house in Florida, all he has ever done was let me doctor his poor skinny body and give me lots of love.  I pray he is all right.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRTHE HANGMAN is progressing nicely and will be completed soon.  If I can get a thousand or more words done a day, it shouldn’t be long.  Pray I reach my goal.  Then comes the really hard part of rewriting, editing, rewriting, editing, and editing some more, formatting and doing the upload.  Then onto the next story.  Lord knows I have lots of story outlines to work on.  My poor brain is overloaded with story ideas.

Until next time, keep writing and doing lots of rewriting and editing.  You improve your craft that way by finding new ways to say things.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.



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