P1010737I believe this year, so far, we have had the craziest weather.  Started off the year fairly well, if I remember correctly.  We had some cold days sure, after all it’s winter.  But this is the first time in all my years living here that we’ve had hurricane force winds.  I mean with roofs torn off some homes, churches and businesses.  Even the court-house downtown got hit.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, then a cool off with SNOW on Sunday and possibly Monday.

I am what is called a winter person, but even I am ready for spring.  Unfortunately we’ve only been in the winter season for about two and a half weeks.  Spring and summer are months away.  As long as I can see sunshine, I should be okay.  I can’t handle too many gray days.

My roof has been fixed, other than repairing the fence, I didn’t have a lot of damage.  I am lucky and thankful.  When the weather turns sunny and warm, the fence will be repaired.  Until then, the pups have to put up with going out on a leash.  Oh well, just a bump in the road.  Me and the fur babies will survive.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVROther than going to get my hair cut around one tomorrow, I will be sitting at this computing working to finish THE HANGMAN.  I WANT THIS BOOK DONE!!  I hope you all will enjoy the story.  I worked hard to keep you guessing and give you a surprise ending.

Everyone have a great week, stay safe, and always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.



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