chest-painYou’d think this being Friday the thirteenth, this would be an unlucky day for me, it wasn’t.  I find the number thirteen to be a lucky number.  Now yesterday was a different matter.  I was awaken at 2:30 a.m yesterday morning in the worst pain I have ever experienced.  It started between my shoulder-blade and went through to my chest.  My chest pain was horrible.  I thought I was going to pass out it was so bad. Since i had worked in a hospital for several years, and had a sister who had experienced the same symptoms, I had a good idea what it was.  Now I wasn’t positive, and since I have two pups that are not that friendly, I didn’t want to call 911.  Believe me, I was tempted.  So, being stupid, as I have been known to be at times, I waited until daylight.  By 8:30 I couldn’t stand the chest pain any longer, I decided to drive myself to the ER, which I have done before when I was injured.  I made it to the Fire Station a few blocks away.  They took one look at me, and threw my butt on a stretcher in an ambulance.  Off to the ER we went.  My blood pressure was 238/118.  Three nitro pills later, by blood pressure was down and the pain was getting less, by not much.  Peoples, that is not good.  What I was having was an Esaphigial Spasm, caused by acid reflux.  Believe me, you don’t want it.  I felt as if I was dying.

In the ER, I was given a GI cocktail, which is Maalox and Lidocaine, That is the foulest tasting concoction I have ever tasted, but it helped ease the pain, thank you God and the doctor.  After being given several more medications, I better and was released to go home.  I called my niece to pick me up and take me to my car.  Bless that dear girl.  Anyway, my chest is actually sore from the spasm, but 95% of the pain is gone.  I pray all you folks never have that experience with a Esaphigial Spasm.  If you do, be smart and get someone to take you to the ER or call 911.  The spasm may not kill you, but the pain sends your blood pressure soaring and that can kill you.

Revised 1 SK CoverSo needless to say I didn’t work on THE HANGMAN today.  All I’ve been able to do was curl up in my recliner and feel like crap up until now.  Tomorrow is another day for me to get things done.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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