P1010737A gray cloudy day here in Colorado Springs so far.  It’s not overly cold, the temperature is 33.  At least it is above freezing.  I know that will sound cold to those who live in the South, but I have seen it get a lot colder here like wind chill of -24.  Now that is so COLD it will make any exposed skin hurt.

dreamstime_m_15709757Gray days, of which we have had several lately, drains my energy level even though I slept well.  But I have things that need to be done, so I can’t let it stop me.  Still, I would love to see sunshine.  Great, the sun just came out.  I think I have a case of Cabin Fever, so tomorrow, I’m having lunch with a friend here in the Springs and then to the grocery store.  That will get me out for a while.  Outside I can hear a flock of Canadian Geese flying over the house.  They’re beautiful birds and seem to stay around for most of the winter.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRthe-snatcher-singleWell, THE HANGMAN is coming along.  A couple more scenes and the book will be finished.  Then, while sister is doing her editing, I’ll be onto the next one.  It’s a romantic suspense I want to get finished.  I have three I want to complete along with the next book in the Jonas Black series, THE SNATCHER.  Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me that I am able to complete this goal I have set for myself during this year and part of the next.  Sister will be busy editing.

Well THE HANGMAN won’t write itself, so I need to get busy.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.  Remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.




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