thIWAOFZXGWell, talk about being mentally out of it, I had to call my sister in Ohio to find out what day it is, Friday or Saturday.  Boy was I surprised to find out I somehow missed Friday even though I watched Trump being sworn in.  Brain is not working.  I was supposed to do this post yesterday.  Oh well, I’m a day late.

P1010737It is 40 degrees outside with a humidity of 52% which makes it feel damp and chilly.  The weatherman says possible snow?  I hope not.  We’re supposed to have snow on Tuesday as well.  This year, winter seems a little harder, but if you check the statistics, I’m sure it hasn’t been.  I think my problem is caused by the Burgess Seed Catalog I received in the mail.  I want to plant something.  If we had more sunshine, that would help a lot.  I don’t handle a lot of gray cloudy days in a row.  We’ve barely started winter.  Spring is not too far away, thank you God.

teacherFolks, there is a little book called THE WRONG WORD DICTIONARY, by Dave Dowling.  BUY IT!  I am talking about this because of the misuse of words I see every day on the news crawls and on Facebook.  Granted, the English language is not the easiest to conquer.  We have:  to, too, and two, there, their and they’re, your, you’re, it’s and its, gored, and gourd, gorilla, and guerrilla plus many more I’m not listing,  If you’re going to be a writer, you need to know this, otherwise you’re going to appear uneducated.  Believe me, I’m far from perfect in this matter.  I have numerous dictionaries and book on the English language to help keep me on track.  I still goof.  When I was in high school, we won’t say how long ago, I had an English teacher that was as bad as a dictator when it came to the English language.  If you didn’t know what word to use, look it up.  And don’t put that comma in the wrong place.   Isn’t it funny how you remember your toughest teachers and how much they helped you.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRNEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRI’m working at getting THE HANGMAN done.  For some dumb reason, it seems to be going slow.  It’s all in my brain, all I have to do is get it into the computer.  Give THE STONE KILLER a read while you’re waiting on my slow posterior to finish the second book in the series.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Remember: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.



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