3cd30606-148c-4390-aa7c-61e93194a376_1-27d315b5d2f1a9f53e20ce8cf208f5011I have been on a mission to find a dust free cat litter.  I found one made by Arm and Hammer called Clump and Seal.  Great, right?  The problem is the verbiage on the box.  It come in 9 lb boxes or a 15 lb box which says “Same uses as 30 lbs”.  The statement is true, but also misleading.  The 15 lbs box can certainly be used in the same way as a 30 lb box, but will it last as long as 30 lbs could, NO.  But, it implies that it will.   I must have a dust free litter, so I’m stuck buying this one unless I can find something else.  It cost $16.63 per box at Wal-Mart.  Oh by the way, if a company claims theirs is 99.9% dust free, don’t believe it.  I bought one made from pine, that is just as dusty as my old litter.  Enough said on the subject.

images7JPAILFWIt turned out to be a sunny and nice day here in Colorado Springs. Chilly, but nice.  Tonight, we getting down to 9 degrees.   I am one of these people who hates to go to the store.  I’ve been out of bread for a week.  Today I forced myself to get out of the house and buy a loaf so I can at least make toast if I want it.  I bought a few other things as well, including litter.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI calculate I have approximately three scenes to go on THE HANGMAN and it will be finished.  Anyway, that’s my belief.  The characters may have other plans.  We will see what happens.  The do have a way of taking control at times of a story.  It is great when that happens.

Well, the weekend is almost here.  Everyone have a great one and stay safe.  Remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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