Garden_of_the_Gods[1]The weather was bright and sunny today.  The temperature was a lot warmer, you still needed a coat, but it was such a beautiful day.

I appreciate a gorgeous day much more lately; maybe because I had a terrible three months which started with November 1st 2016.  I had a series of health problems causes by my system’s reaction to medication.  I have a terrible time taking medicine.  My problems in November were caused by a pill, the generic form of Prilosec.  When you buy the OTC box of Prilosec, it clearly states do not take for more than 14 days.  Since that is the case, why would my doctor put me on it for 4 months?  It caused me a lot of problems which my doctor, who I couldn’t get in to see until the end of November, seemed unconcerned about.  I looked up the side effects of that drug, discovered it was behind my problem and stopped taking the medicine.  My problem went away.  Thank you God.

thGXLQGOYVThe end of November I got a flu shot and came down with the flu for most of December.  Still, I had a wonderful Christmas and was on the mend.  When you feel crappy and all you want to do is sleep, you can’t write because your brain will not function.  Once again I was on the mend until the 12th of January when I came down with that esophageal spasm.  I spelled it wrong in the other blog.  It inflamed my upper torso so badly I had to take pain pills and use an inhaler.  So when this past Monday, I got out of bed and NOTHING hurt, I’ve never been so thankful to God for feeling so good. Also people, sugar will inflame your joints.  I am off sugar also, and feel fantastic.  I intend to continue this state of being.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRTHE HANGMAN  is coming to its end and I will be happy to see it completed.  Then comes the tough part of editing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, editing and finally formatting and uploading the book to Amazon.  The good thing about doing a series, you don’t have to say goodbye to your characters.  You follow them to the next crime.  I have so many stories planned out for Jonas Black and his team.  They will be around for some time.

SNGL CVR TO CATCH A DREAMTO CATCH A DREAM is over half-finished and has been waiting in the wings for me to get off my butt and tell the story.  I dreamed this book from beginning to end when I was living in Florida, got up, wrote the idea down and later wrote most of it.  That book is on my agenda to be completed this year along with another romantic suspense.

I also have several painting I need to finish during my breaks from writing.  I don’t have enough hours in a day folks.

Well, the weekend is here.  Everyone have a great one, stay safe and always remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.



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