235At 2:30 my pups had to go out.  What a surprise.  It was 18 degrees and there was a light cover of snow on the ground.  It has continued to spit snow all morning.  It won’t go away quickly today as our high is only going to be 28.  I’m so glad I went to the store yesterday and bought what I needed for a few days.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be near 40, and Saturday, near or in the 60s.  I do have to go out tomorrow and hope it’s a better day than today.   Crazy weather.  But that’s Colorado.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRSince I don’t plan on leaving the house today, I need to write the next to the last scene on THE HANGMAN.  First I have to go back and review the last part I wrote to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  I do keep a running list of things to resolve, but sometimes I miss something.  Sister usually catches it, thank God.  Being finished with the first draft will be great, but then come the tedious job of going over every word and sentence to make sure it is expressed to the best of our abilities.  We read for the consistency of the story line and that I’ve answered all the questions and solved all the problems.  We edit the book numerous times before it is formatted and then uploaded to Amazon.  We try to make our novels perfect, but of course, there isn’t such a thing as perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes.  But we do try.

706Writing in some ways is like trying to create the perfect painting.  It ain’t gonna happen, sweetheart.  I’m one of those perfectionist artist who does that.  That’s probably why, I could work on a painting and never call it completed if I’d let myself do that.  I don’t, because God is the only one who can paint a perfect landscape.  I do my best and that is all I can do.

Everyone stay warm and safe. Have a great weekend and remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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