Hey everyone:  Hope your world is right side up. Last night it was so hot in this house that I turned the air-conditioner on.  The wall thermometer read 78deg.  Got up this morning to 31deg.  It has been cold all day.  Short sleeves yesterday.  Long sleeves today.  Crazy weather we are having.  Don’t ya think? Spring has sprung and I wish it would start looking like it.

We have decided that the HOA can just suck eggs.  We are going to put up an invisible fence for the dogs.  Everyone we’ve talked to says they work wonderfully.  The HOA just wants too much: 3 different sets of plans, pictures, schematics.  Just too much for a small wooden fence we want.  Now they won’t even know about it.

I have no idea what to do about my garden now that we live in a national forest full of critters.  I’m going to try to grow a few tomatoes in large pots.  Hope it works, but I’m not counting on it.

I tried a new recipe for dinner called Mongolian Beef.  I got it off of Facebook.  It would be good if it didn’t call for so much Soy Sauce.  Salty as heck.  Hubs said I don’t need to make it again and he is right.Back to the same old blah crap.  I like to try new things and sometimes they turn out great, but not this time.  I am craving Chocolate Pie, but I am trying so hard to lose some more weight that I know I shouldn’t make one.  I bet if I tell Hubs about it, he will insist.  Then what must I do?  Make a pie, of course.  My recipe  is simple but it is the best Chocolate Pie I have ever eaten.  All you have to do is cook 1 lg pkg of Chocolate Pudding, then after it thickens, add 1 lg Milk Choc. Hershey Bar(broken into small pieces), stir until the Choc. Bar dissolves and pour it into a pre-baked pie shell.YUMMY. Don’t forget to put Glad Wrap on top to keep it from getting that awful skin that forms on cooked pudding.

Well now that there is no news, but bad news, I guess I will watch Survivor tonight.  Although I am getting kind of tired of it.  In fact, I’m getting tired of all the TV shows we watch.  Sounds like nothing but movies to me.  And that is fine.  There are a lot of movies we want to see.  And then, I could always get out my knitting and work on a sweater I’ve been working on for two years.

So, y’all take it easy and be good to yourselves. If you haven’t read A CIRCLE OF MURDERS,  CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and THE HANGMAN,  you need to get them from Amazon.  THE HANGMAN will be out soon.  Well I’ll talk wth you later.




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