Good Sunday to everyone:  I hope you all are having a great day so far.

Yesterday was so beautiful and now it is pouring rain.  Well, actually, as long as the ground is wet, we are not likely to have forest fires.  That is the one thing that scares me to death.  We have fire hydrants here on the mountain, but we have been told that they are just for decoration.  Are you laughing or are you yelling OMG like I did.  What we have is what the head of the HOA says are flush valves, and that means that a fire truck has to travel 15 miles, hook up to the flush valve, fill the truck with water, then they can fight the fire.  Now, people, how long do you think a cedar shingled cabin would last.  Yeah, that’s right.  so long home.

I started to do this blog last night, but I started reading other blogs and didn’t get to our blog.  There is one blog that hit me very hard.  Rachel Markowitz wrote a blog about 100 blessings a day.  It is wonderful and if you think about it, we all can come up with at least 100 blessings each and every day.

Well, I took time out to clean my fridge.  The thing was bordering on nasty, and I couldn’t stand  looking at it any longer.  Now it is bright and shiny.  Even the food looks better

I thought the sun was coming out, but the rain is coming down in sheets.  That’s okay though, we are just going to stay in and watch the NCAA Tournament.  I’m hoping for UK and FL to win, but we shall see.

So, you all be good to yourselves and others. Keep working on your craft.  That’s the only way you will improve and get anywhere.  Practice, Practice, Practice.  Take care and we’ll talk later






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