Hey everybody:  I sure hope things are well with all of you.  I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I just don’t know what is wrong with me lately.  My mind just seems to have turned to mush.

I tell you the weather has me so confused.  Yesterday was rainy and grey all day.  And cold.  We had the fireplace on all day.  Now this morning, the sun is out, but it is still cold.  Today is supposed to be a bit warmer and on Easter Sunday, the temp is supposed to be 79deg.   Speaking of Easter, our sister in Ohio is coming for a visit.  She will be here next Saturday and I am so excited.  I can hardly wait.  Now if Sister would come from Colorado, that would make things just about perfect.

Speaking of Sister, we have decided to rewrite THE HANGMAN.  We both felt there was something missing in the story and a couple of people told her the book is dry.  So we are going to take the time to add emotions, backgrounds, etc.  We both feel it will be a much better book.

Well I promised Hubs I would get the taxes done this weekend.  Lordy, I am running out of time.  But of course, I do this every year.  I HATE DOING THE TAXES.  So I had better get over to my desk and get started.  You all take care of yourselves and have a wonderful day.  Make sure you get a few words done on your book.  We’ll talk later.



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