Mercy, it has been a while, hasn’t it?  There hasn’t been a lot to write about here on the mountain.  I picked my first two cucumbers this morning.  I know it’s just container gardening, but perhaps next year, I can find someone to plow me a small garden.  Of course, I’m sure the rabbits would eat just about anything I were to plant in the ground.  I do have several blackberry bushes, which I hope will give me enough to make a pie.  But I bet the birds get to them first.

I’ll bet you all think BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, don’t you.  Well, around here it is Bats, Bees and Bears.  Yep, we have bats out back and one landed on my screen in the middle of the day.  According to Google, it is probably rabid if it comes out during the day.  Can’t find anyone to help me get rid of them, so I am going to buy a bat house and hopefully, those suckers will move.  As for the bees, I called our local extension service and they assured me that someone would come out and collect my bees. Ha! It has been four days and no one has showed up yet.  In the meantime, the bee colony is growing.  Now it seems there have been three bear sightings within the last week wishing five miles of our cabin.  That’s a little too close to suit me.

We can’t use the hot tub because the bees are so close, and even tho they are outside the screen, what says they won’t come on in.  So if anyone has any ideas, Lordy, I would appreciate the input.  In the meantime, I will stay indoors and type, type, type.

You all take it easy and enjoy your summer.  I hope you’re having a blast.  I’ll let you know if I see a bear in my back yard.  In the meantime, be good to yourselves, and we’ll talk later


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