Well, I had dictated a long blog, but when I went to transfer the text, it vanished.

A long dry spell is an understatement for me.  Since June 2017, I seemed to be in a state of limbo mentally.  I sporadically worked on THE SNATCHER, but couldn’t seem to get past a certain point. I had three romantic suspense stories in various stages on my desk, along with THE SNATCHER.  I was in a deep funk and could not tell you why.  So nothing got done, except me staring at the TV or playing solitaire on the computer.

  Now, I guess that is not quiet true.  I did work for two month, June and July, on a painting I donated to the Colorado Springs Police Department on August 1, 2017.  I accomplished that project, and completed several other painting in various stage.  So I guess, I wasn’t too useless after all.  August and September were spent on other painting as well.  I painted a Italian street scene for my boss atn the police department.

Then came October.  I came down with one sinus infection, after another. I don’t believe I fully recovered from the first one, so it kept coming back. I was fighting that problem until just before Christmas.

November was a heart breaking month for me.  On November 10, my dear friend and adopted sister, Shirley Cain Evans died.  She never completely got over the death of her husband Bill in 2014.  I think she died of a broken heart.  We were so close and the loss pains me greatly.  I pray she is at peace now that she is once again with Bill.

It seemed to me 2017 was a mixture of a bit of sadness and crazy. Here in Colorado we need rain so badly and we are dry. So far this winter snow has been absent in any great amount except for areas in the mountains. We need moisture! So far in January, we had a little rain Wednesday night.

Still on my desk is THE HANGMAN, being edited and rewritten.  That will happen several time before being published.  ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH, ON GABRIEL’S WATCH, and TO CATCH A DREAM, still need to finished, as does THE SNATCHER.  I have a busy year ahead.  I have set goal and will work hard to reach them this year.  Wish me luck folks.

I wish you all a fantastic 2018, and remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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