Normally we have rather mild winters here in Colorado. That is not to say we don’t get snow and cold weather, we do. So far this year we have seen very little snow, and what we have gotten has been nothing more than a dusting, maximum 1 inch. So we are desperate for moisture here in the Rockies. Now the mountain seems to have been getting a good amount of snow. But once it hits Pike’s Peak, it’s as if it dumps all the snow on the backside and what the low lands get is minimal.
Today we are supposed to be up 66°. Does that sound like winter weather to you? Tomorrow, we are supposed to be up to 62°. And on Sunday our maximum high is 31° with a chance of snow. Now I don’t normally pray for snow too much, but this year we could really use a good snowstorm. All we can do is wait and see. March and April are coming on fast. That’s when we get most of our snow, so we shall see.
There is not much new here. I’ve just been reviewing my options on which novel to work on next, as soon as I finish with The Hangman. I’m thinking of working on To Catch A Dream. It’s a romantic suspense and I know they are quite popular, even though I do enjoy writing my thriller stories. I have three romantic suspense novels lying on my desk, in various stages of completion. So I had better get off my butt and finish them. While intermittently researching and writing The Snatcher.
Believe it or not I finally got my flu shot yesterday. I had not been able to get it because, from the middle of October till sometime in December, I’ve had one health issue after another. So I had to wait. But it is done and I feel more secure about the flu which is running rampant across this country. I can’t believe how many people have been sick and hospitalized with the flu. Maybe it’s a good thing I have a tendency to be a hermit.


I’ve always told you all about my animals. Around 1 December, anyway that first week, I was checking my mail box and saw this large bird, perhaps an eagle, circling my backyard. My dogs were outside and barking furiously at something. I came in the house and went immediately to the backyard, and there is this little teeny tiny kitten. It was on the other side of my fence at a home that has nothing but dogs. There it was huddled next to a tree, and when it saw me it climbed that tree in an instant and came over that fence into my arms. It was a tiny eight week old ball of fluff, gray with these deep dark black stripes. Needless to say, I now have four cats and two dogs. I named it Tigger, and it is the sweetest kitten. Tigger and JoJo run and play together, and wrestle. They are the best of friends and the kitten follows Jo around the house.
That’s all that’s going on with me here in Colorado, other than working on books and paintings. I’ll be working to complete a painting I’m doing for my nephew and his wife. And in between that, working on the books. My goal for 2018 is to be much more productive. All of you keep writing, editing, editing, editing. You can never edit your books enough.

Give the other books a read, you might like them.










Stay safe, and I will talk with you later.


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