Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado Springs. Our high today is to be close to or above 60 degrees with bright sunshine. Even our humidity is low today. Colorado Springs has close to the perfect weather in winter.
I’ve been doing a lot editing on The Hangman. The human mind is an amazing thing. When you are editing, it automatically inserts the correct word or ignores a miss spelled word. But that’s okay, I keep using spell check and the grammar check numerous times on the manuscript. I am now going over it line by line looking for all my mistakes. Hopefully within the next month, I will have The Hangman up on Amazon. In between doing all of this, I am working on completing two romantic mysteries I guess you would call them. I have one called All For The Love of Hannah, which will be, I believe, an interesting and beautiful story. I may change the title to The Nightingale’s song. I haven’t decided. I haven’t  created a book cover for it as yet either.  The other is to complete To Catch A Dream, which already has close to 70,000 words written. So it is not that far from being finished.
I have a busy year ahead of me and have set several goals for myself. One is to become proficient at dictation on Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I use to write my blogs. I just have to remember to insert the quote marks and proper grammar when dictating. But it certainly goes much faster using this program.
Other than that there’s not a lot new here. The new kitten, Tigger, is growing like a weed. He is constantly hungry and loves to play. He and my miniature Doberman, Jojo, chase each other and wrestle from one end of this house to the other. I don’t think he realizes he’s a cat, which is okay as long as he gets along with the rest of the animals.
Everyone have a great day, and stay safe and out of any bad weather.


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