So far today it is cloudy and looks kind of gray, almost as if it might, and that’s a big might, rain. No rain is forecasted. Instead we are supposed to reach 65° today and in the 60s again tomorrow. This has been one crazy winter weather wise. We have not had more than a total of 3 inches of snow spread over two months. We are so dry here in Colorado that you don’t really want to blink in case you start a grass fire. It’s terrible. All the cold weather is going north and east of us. We haven’t gotten any real moisture for quite a few months. I think anybody who is living here would be happy to see a nice heavy snowstorm dump about a foot on us. We really need snow or rain. So pray that we get some rain or snow soon.

The Hangman is coming along steady but slowly, as I am reviewing everything I have written to make sure the storyline is consistent. I’ve added things and deleted others, especially when they didn’t make any sense. This is such a slow process, because I’m looking for all the mistakes I’ve also made along the way. I think by the time I finish trying to make it as perfect as possible it will be a much better story. I am considering submitting The Hangman, The Stone Killer, and the two romantic suspense novels we have written, to literary agents. Anyway, A Circle of Murders for certain. So wish me luck in finding a literary agent. I will keep plugging along until I succeed.

All for the Love of Hannah is coming along nicely. As I told you before I’m using that software Dragon Naturally Speaking, which helps me keep from making typing errors. I really like this program because you can continue with your thought and not have to stop in the middle and lose half of it. This program is a godsend for a writer. You do have to remember to put in your quote marks, commas and periods. That’s no big thing to do. Once you get in the habit of doing that it comes so easy. You do have to speak distinctly. Especially since I have a tendency to slur a word now and then. Then I do have to go back and make corrections. Otherwise I am so glad I have this program.
I got some bad news last Friday. When I lived in Florida I had this wonderful neighbor and her daughter, I lived next door to them for close to 30 years. Ellie’s daughter called me to let me know she had passed away on January 22. She was a delightful woman with a great sense of humor and a very, very kind heart. After my mother died, whenever she would cook dinner, she would fix a plate of food for me, and call me to come to the gate in our fence between the houses and give me that plate of food to make sure I was eating. Her death was sudden and has left her daughter devastated. I will make a conscious effort to keep closer touch with Robin. It’s a hard thing to lose your mother, so I know how she feels.

Okay everyone, keep writing, editing, editing, and more editing. That will make your novels so much more professional. And always remember NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.
Everyone stays safe until we talk again,


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