Don’t you just love it when Microsoft does an update, and then your printer will not talk to your computer? It seems I have to go by a 3.0 cable for my printer for it to work. I checked at Wal-Mart yesterday, and they do not have it. So now I will have to drive all the way to Best Buy this weekend and see if they have one. So wish me luck folks that I can get my blasted printer to working again. All I can do is try.
The weather here is cold today. We are still only at 37°, which I think is our high for today. But, it is a beautiful day. The sun is bright and shining. Before I went to bed last night, I took the pups outside for their last visit of the evening, and it actually smelled like it was going to rain. You know that unusual odor that’s in the air just before rain storm. I kept hoping, but no such luck.
Well I am still working on editing The Hangman. The silly mistakes you can make when you are typing a manuscript is amazing. Like forgetting to put an S on the end of a word, or adding an ED when you don’t need one, and numerous other stupid mistakes. One thing I like about this Dragon Naturally Speaking, is that it types in the words correctly for me. Love it. Love it, love it. Now I’m not advocating for everyone to run out and buy this program, I’m just stating how helpful I find it to be. And it learns the more you use it on how you pronounce words. I do have to remember to insert the correct punctuation and to speak distinctly. Every now and then I do have a tendency to slur over a word. I am getting much better at speaking clearly into the microphone.

My novel All For The Love Of Hannah was completely written in a shortened version. I am taking that and adding information about the storyline, and characters to turn it into a full length novel. It is coming along rather well. I’ve had to rethink the actions of some of the characters, particularly the bad guy. But that too is working out and I don’t seem to be having as much trouble with the rewrite as I thought I would. My goal is to finish The Hangman and get it up on Amazon, and complete the other one before the end of the year.

I have submitted A Circle of Murders to a couple of literary agents. I have a list of others that I will be submitting it and The Stone Killer to for their consideration. Crusher fingers that I find a competent one as well.

Well there’s not much going on here other than I think I might have a mouse under the washer in the kitchen. The cats have all stationed themselves in front of the washer and dryer and keep their nose pointed to the floor as if they’re waiting for it to stick its head out. I had one when I first moved in here back in 2013, but my big old black cat, Pyewacket, caught it and killed it. I hate it, but I can’t have mice in the house.

Everyone stay safe and well, and always remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.
The best to you all,


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