Normally when it snows here in Colorado Springs, and the sun comes out, the snow is gone by noon the next day. That hasn’t happened this time. We’ve had several days of cloudy skies, so the snow is still on the ground. There are some areas that have melted off, and the grasses is showing through, but for the most part the ground is still covered. One good thing, the roads seem to have cleared. Even though I did hear the snowplow go by sometime this morning. But Tuesday’s high is supposed to be around 50° with lots of sunshine, so goodbye snow. I think we are predicted to have’s more snow later in the week. I hope so or at least rain, as we still need moisture.


I have a pet peeve when it comes to writing, especially narrative. Every day on the crawls across the TV screen, and even in the verbal newscast, I hear and see the most atrocious English. Yes people, I am from the old school of using proper English, especially when you’re speaking. Writing it is more important, especially in fiction. I hate to hear someone say I seen something, instead of I saw something. The correct statement would be I have seen. On Facebook, I don’t go on it too often anymore, people do not seem to know the difference between the words they’re, there, and their. Nor do they seem to know the difference between the words to, too, and two. Not to mention all the similar words that are used in the English language. Now when you are writing dialogue for a character and they speak a certain way, that is totally different. You have to write the way your character would normally speak. But when you are writing narrative, please use the proper English, grammar and punctuation. I’m not going to sit here and claim I do it correctly all the time, I don’t. But I try very hard to use proper English, especially when I’m writing. So folks try your best, and if you’re not sure, look it up. I have a little book entitled, THE WRONG WORD DICTIONARY, by Dave Dowling. It has 2,000 most commonly confused words. It is a great little book and so helpful, as are my college English books.

laundry basket and dirty clothing with white background

I am happy to say since the plumber came, I am now able to do my laundry. If I do two loads of dirty clothes a day, I will be caught up shortly. When I do laundry, everything gets washed, bedding, clothes, dog and cat’s blankets, everything. Yes, my cats and dogs each have a bed and their own small blanket. Their bedding gets washed. They don’t like a dirty bed. I don’t have human kids, so my animals are my kids. Yes, they are spoiled, as my children would have been if I’d had children. I don’t have any use for people who would harm a child or an animal. I firmly believe the punishment should fit the crime. What a person does to a child or animal should be done to them. But, the law doesn’t allow that to be done to the SOBs. Too bad. I’m off my soapbox now, folks.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe. I wish you all the best,


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